Christians and Muslims From History to Healing
Book Description

Christians and Muslims: From History to Healing traces the history of Islam to help Christians see faithful Muslims not as terrorist stereotypes but as potential partners for peace. It lays bare the distortions terrorists claim as truth, filling in what many don't know about Islam. The book then describes a process by which Christians and Muslims can work together to build strong communities based on the call in both faith traditions to love God and neighbor.

The book first offers a vivid account of the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Second, it builds on that biographical information with a clear expression of the basic teachings of the Qur'an and Muslim religious expression. Third, Christians and Muslims: From History to Healing, offers a carefully researched explanation of the emergence of the terrorist movement. Fourth, the book makes a specific appeal to the American Christian community to rise up and meet this challenge with courage and love.

Author's Note: In one text, I have given the reader a simple explanation of Islamic history and a relevant challenge for a powerful patriotic and spiritual response. No other book offers these urgently needed themes in one clear presentation. Dr. Gillespie, past president of Princeton Theological Seminary, summarized the point: "a must read for those desiring to understand what in the world is going on between Christians and Muslims."